Data Recovery Pricing

Drop Off Procedure:

Please feel free to drop off your damaged drive along with a recovery drive big enough to hold your recovered data.  We will evaluate your drive at “no charge” and call you with a recovery price. Remember No Data, No Fee, Guaranteed!

We can not accept servers or large computer towers. We would prefer that the hard drive be removed from the computer. If you can not remove the hard drive from your computer, we will remove it, however there is a 50.00 dollar charge for removal. We do accept laptops and small computer boxes. If you can not drop off your computer, please call us and we will pick up your computer at no charge.  Please call us to see if you are located in our pick up area.

We do not recover raid configurations, However we do have a great source that does! Please call us for additional information.

SSD Data Recovery – Solid State Drive Recovery Service Did you that SSD are more susceptible to damage due to power surges, magnetic interference, static electricity. We can help!

Data Recovery Drives:  PC1 Data Recovery can provide you with a recovery drive. Prices vary according to the size of the drive that is needed. Please contact us for pricing.

External Hard Drives   We service all makes and sizes of external hard drives. Keep in mind that we may have to remove the case to gain access to the bare hard drive.
We also service flash drives and camera cards.

Our Guarantee!

Free Data Recovery Analysis   We diagnose your drive before you spend a cent!

No Data – No Charge GUARANTEE   If we cannot recover your data — we charge you nothing. Have PC1 Data Recovery look at your hard drive today!

Senior Discounts!  Please call us at Phone: (616) 344-2828 to see what discounts you qualify for.


Hard Drive Removal Rates
If your hard drive is still inside your laptop, Mac or PC, there is a $50.00 fee for removing it. We can only perform data recovery with direct access to the bare hard drive.

Damaged, Opened, or Clicking drives there may be a 95.00 fee. We will call you in advance, and you can let us know if you would like to have us proceed with the recovery.  If the recovery is successful the 95.00 dollars is put towards the recovery fee. This fee is due to the increased diagnosis and repair time.

Formatted and Deleted files there is a 150.00 dollar non-refundable up front payment required.   We can not possibly know what files are available to recover until we complete the entire data recovery process. If the recovery is successful the 150.00 dollars is put towards the recovery fee.  Some of the deleted and formatted files may have been over written and may be unrecoverable.

Equipment Pick Up
After your data recovery is completed (successful or not), you’ll have 7 days to pick up your drives. Any equipment left over 60 days becomes the property of PC1DataRecovery. Customers are responsible for all shipping charges regardless of the outcome

Priority Service

Our priority service rate is $150 paid up-front and is non-refundable. You must call ahead to get priority service. 

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