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How it Works – The Data Recovery Process in Detail

First, drop off or mail-in your bad hard drive you, complete the data recovery form, and choose a new drive to have your lost data transfered to. For example, you may transfer your data to the harddrive of a different computer, or to something convenient like a USB flash drive or external harddrive. We also have harddrives available for you to purchase if you don’t have one or aren’t sure what to choose. The drive we are transfering your recovered files to must have larger storage capacity than your damaged drive. If you do not have a drive you may purchase a drive from us. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once we have received your bad harddrive and recovery form.

Data Recovery Service

Next, our specialists will determine the cause of the underlying harddrive failure. This involves visually inspecting the hard drive and PCB, connecting and testing the hard drive using our data recovery equipment and listening to the sounds the hard drive makes. This may also involve testing various components on the hard drive, and testing the hard drive’s firmware.

PC1DataRecovery knows how important your priceless photos, memories and other data are, and we also take extra steps to minimize the risk of further data loss and to ensure a successful data recovery. This includes mapping the heads of the hard drive, and disabling advanced features of the hard drive. At this point, we will run a preliminary data recovery procedure which will show the files that are available for recovery. We can recover all of the files that are available for recovery, or you can communicate to us which of the available files you would like. At this point we will provide you with a quoted price to complete the recovery and get your data back to you.

After receiving your payment we will proceed with cloning as much of your data as possible from your bad hard drive to a good new hard drive. This process may take several hours, days, or even weeks depending on the problem and size of the hard drive, but typical recovery time is just 3 to 5 days.

Lastly, after successfully recovering and cloning your lost data, we copy your data onto the new harddrive or storage device you have chosen (new hard drive, USB flash drive or external hard drive, etc.) When it is ready we can mail it back to you or you can pick it up. Get started online now or call us at 616-426-9011 for help.

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Extended hours for drop-off  !

Our Kenmoor Office is open M-F 8am to 3:30. If you arrive at this location and it is closed you may drop off your equipment at the UPS Store as outlined below. Please see the UPS Store expanded hours. Please make sure to write PC1DataRecovery and PO Box G-136 on your package before dropping off.  The UPS Store address is 2500 East Beltline S.E. PO Box G-136 Grand Rapids Mi.                      

  Please follow the instructions below when dropping off your equipment at the UPS Store.

  • Please package your equipment in an envelope or box, and write your name, address and phone on the outside of it. In addition you must write our Name and Box number G-136, on the outside of the box as well.

  You MUST include the data recovery form which can be printed from our web site,, look for the small tab on the right side of the home screen that says Data Recovery Form. Please fill the form out completely and sign it and include it in the box.

  • Please print our address as shown below on the outside of the box or envelope.  Include your name and address as well.
  • PC1DataRecovery 2500 East Beltline, Suite G-136 Grand Rapids Mi 49546

  You may drop off your drive at the UPS Store at the hours listed below.

 Please tell the UPS Employees this is for PC1DataRecovery and provide them with the box number (G-136) you have written on the box.

These are the UPS Store hours.

M-F 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am – 3:30 pm

Sunday 11:00 am – 4:00 pm