Is my data really deleted?

Is my data really deleted?

Where do the deleted files go? Can they be brought back?

The answers depend upon many things. There is not enough time to detail every possibility. Just one power outage in the middle of creating a document, and it is gone. 

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If you determine that a file is no longer needed and send it to the recycle bin, it can be restored. Until,  you push the ‘empty recycle bin’ button. Then, for all practical purposes, that file is gone. 

The Good News

Your documents are not really gone.   

Rest assured that a trained data recovery specialist can often retrieve your files even after you push the ‘empty recycle bin’ key. The secret to salvaging all or part of your file is to make sure you do nothing. Any thing you may use to recover your files will cause your data to be overwritten and permanently gone. The very worst thing you can do is to purchase and use ‘data recovery’ software, since their process often corrupts and destroys the very data you hoped to save. Hiring a reputable data recovery service is the best chance you have of recovering deleted files.

Remember of save your work often. Don’t assume your data will always be there. It will save you a lot of grief.


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