So, if hard drives today use such sophisticated and advanced technology to help them read, write and protect your data – why does hard drive failure still occur? There are a variety of problems that can cause hard drive failure and loss of your computer data. Physical damage to the hard drive is one common cause of hard drive failure; such as when the hard drive or hard drive case is bumped or disturbed while in operation, or even while off. Laptop hard drive failure is especially common because physical damage to your hard drive can easily happen in the basic day to day operation of your laptop computer – even if you are very careful with your machine. The computer (and hard drive), being bounced or bumped during travel by plane or car can damage your hard drive, for example. Sudden surges and changes in electrical power can also damage your electronics and can corrupt the data on your hard drive. Mechanical components inside the hard drive can also malfunction and become unable to move as a result of high temperatures.

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