We now offer SSD Data Recovery – Solid State Drive Recovery Service!

Unlike traditional hard drives Sold State Drives have no moving parts but are more susceptible to failure due to power surge, magnetic fields, and static. 

Your computer’s hard drive works using a combination of complex electronic and mechanical structures that incorporate several specialized motors and electro-mechanical components to successfully read and write your data.

The sophisticated technology used by hard drives has experienced a great and vast advancement in the past decade. Hard drives today are built and designed to manage themselves – as well as to read and write your computer data. Modern hard drives operate using many algorithms which verify data on the hard drive and even maintain an internal “Defect Management” list. This list of defects within the hard drive itself is constantly and continuously monitoring its own performance and health. Hard drive technology is so smart in fact, that if the hard drive determines that one of its sectors is beginning to fail (which would lead to data loss), the electronics of the hard drive will remove this sector from active use. In addition to these features, SMART circuitry, which stands for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology has also been integrated into many hard drives to help monitor all internal systems.

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