Internal mechanical failure is the failure of 1 or more of any of the moving, mechanical components found within a hard drive or other data storage device.

Intermittent failure is when your hard drive or other storage device (such as a USB flash drive or external hard drive) fails to operate reliably and on a consistent, regular basis. In some instances, isolating the exact fault or cause of the intermittent device failure may not be possible.

Physical media damage can occur when a head has actual physical contact with the surface of platter. When coming into contact with the platter, the heads dig into the platter – subsequently removing one or more pieces of the media. As the splatter spins, debris can be scattered, which causes data reading errors.

Media corruption damage can affect the magnetic information stored on the device. This type of corruption can affect both the data you have stored on your hard drive (such as photos, videos, spreadsheets and documents), as well as the critical drive servo information, which controls the positioning of the heads themselves.

Electronics failure is the failure of the circuitry within a hard drive or other storage device. This is a serious problem because a storage device’s circuitry essentially serves as the “brain” of the drive.

Even when internal mechanical failure, intermittent failure, physical media damage, media corruption, electronics failure or a combination of these common hard drive failures have occurred, it may still be possible for PC1 Data Recovery in Grand Rapids, Michigan to recover your priceless data and momentos including family photos and pictures, work presentations, spreadsheets and documents, Adobe PDF files, Word, Excel and Powerpoint files and many more types of data and files.

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